2009 Race Schedule

I know you have been dying to see what lies ahead for ’09. So without further adieu, here are the significant events and/or races:

1/4/09 – Boyer’s Furnace (50k option – 7:18)
1/17/09 – MMT#1 (50k – 6:52)
1/25/09 – Eagle Run 26mi
2/7/09 – TWOT (one 26mi loop)
2/14/09 – *Holiday Lake 50k++
2/28/09 – MMT#2
3/7/09 – Catawba Run Around 34mi
3/14/09 – Elizabeth’s Furnace FatAss 50k
3/28/09 – *Terrapin Mountain 50k
4/11/09 – Chocolate Bunny 50k
4/25/09 – *Promise Land 50k
5/16/09 – Massanutten Mountain Trail 100mi
6/20/09 – Highland Sky 40mi
or 6/19-21/09 – Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race (22, 18 & 20mi)
9/5/09 – The Ring 71mi
10/2/09 – *Grindstone 100mi
11/7/09 – *Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50mi
12/12/09 – *Hellgate 100k

* – Beast Series Race

So there it is. For the most part it focuses on MMT, training for MMT, and the Beast Series. The summer months are looking kinda scarce right now so I will possibly be adding races if I can find something good. Due to the hot weather in the summer months, these will most likely be races up north or out west. Got any good recommendations?


2 Responses

  1. no cherry blossom???? =( i got a slot… i was one of the crazy 12k people who registered in the 4hrs it took to sell out online

  2. you and your crazy running antics.PS: i like the blog, so i’m tagging you with the Honest Scrap award. details on my blog… good luck!

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