An insight on my 100-miler recovery

I really miss running.

It’s been three weeks since I ran my first 100.  I had heard that 100-miler recovery varies depending on the individual, but for a first time you can expect to be out of the game for quite a bit while the endocrine system recovers.  Fair enough.

During the race I ran on a pained arch in my left foot for 35 miles.  Immediately post-race I could tell this arch would be the limiting factor in my recovery.  Yes, my muscles were tight and walking resulted in a stabbing sensation in my quads, but I’ve had that feeling before.  The arch was an injury (my posterior tibial tendon to be precise), and as I’ve learned from the countless tendon injuries over the last two years, you have to be patient with the natural healing process.

I’ve been going to physical therapy and, after two weeks, the posterior tib finally progressed to the point where it doesn’t hurt when walking.  Sweet!  So, with my therapist’s advice, off I went for a 2-mile test run.  I am happy to report that the posterior tib held up wonderfully with only marginal discomfort at one point.

…BUT, during this test run I discovered some pain in my right IT band.  WHAT THE HELL?  Apparently during the 35 miles of running on an injured foot, my compensation with my right leg caused some IT problems that are only apparent when running, and since I haven’t run since OD I haven’t noticed it.  Bummer.  So, the left posterior tib is just about back to 100% but I am now rehabbing the right IT.  It doesn’t seem too bad and I anticipate another week of rest will do the trick.

In the meantime I am doing what I can to cross-train.  Lots of good time in the saddle, more time in the pool than I typically care for (I prefer to breathe when exercising), sauna time (to prepare for Badwater pacing duties in 2 weeks), and finally, after an 8 month hiatus, I’ve gotten back in the sky!

Back to my student days (Photo by Ahmed Kurtom)

(Note to skydivers: No, I didn’t have to go through AFF like you might be thinking from the shot above.  That would be cruel and unusual punishment for a former instructor.  I just thought it would be funny for my first jump back to do an AFF exit and see if I could do the whole AFF dive flow off the hill.  Success!  We then ditched the flat flying and did some good freeflying the rest of the day.  5 jumps.  Looking forward to getting back up there this summer… as training allows of course.)